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Welcome to Stellar Medical Aesthetics, a full-service medical aesthetic practice that provides injectables, laser and light therapy, facials and peels, hair removal and restoration, cellulite reduction, tattoo removal, and medical-grade skincare products.

Healthy skin. Healthier you.

Our highly-skilled, medically-trained providers use state-of-the-art laser technology to produce a stellar experience that you can trust.

With precision, attentive care, the highest safety standards, and medical ethics, we deliver the results that you wish to achieve. Stellar Medical Aesthetics invested in some of the industry’s most-advanced technology —PicoSure, Potenza, Icon, and TempSure—to provide the highest-quality care with an unparalleled range of treatment for our patients. Our aesthetic professionals are highly-proficient on our technology and equipment and know the best recommendation for your skin type and condition.


At Stellar Medical Aesthetics, our medically trained aestheticians offer a range of treatments and procedures aimed at improving your skin health. These services encompass various techniques and treatments tailored to address specific skin concerns, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being. Services offered: Facials & Peels, Lashes & Brows and more.


We provide a variety of FDA-approved, high-quality injectable products that soften and smooth lines, wrinkles, and creases. Each product is uniquely formulated to have a certain texture, density, and injection depth, which means that certain fillers work better for certain areas of the face and body.


Potenza takes Radio Frequency (RF) microneedling to new standards with a number of customizable options to treat all skin types, anywhere on the body, any time of the year. This device tightens the skin and can target deeper, older wrinkles and crepiness. The RF energy stimulates collagen and elastin production and can be delivered deeply to produce faster, more dramatic results and reduce the appearance of scar tissue (surgical, acne, and other scars).


The Icon system uses intense-pulsed light (IPL) and fractional laser light to target a wide range of imperfections such as unwanted hair (both coarse body hair or the finer hair on the face), sun spots, rosacea, scar tissue, spider veins, and other vascular lesions.


PicoSure is the first and only aesthetic picosecond laser for the safe and effective removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions (freckles and sun spots), as well as acne scars, wrinkles and skin revitalization treatments. PicoSure makes tattoo removal quicker and easier.


The Tempsure RF platform provides noninvasive aesthetic treatments to improve early signs of aging without injections with no downtime. By enhancing collagen and elastin production, Tempsure reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as cellulite on the body.

Healthy skin. Healthier you.

When Dr. William (Bill) Burkhart, our founder and highly-respected physician with a multi-generational medical history in the Knoxville area, witnessed aesthetic lasers treating conditions that his traditional medical practice could not – certain skin conditions, scars, facial veins, and pigmented lesions – he wanted to make these treatments available to his patients. Dr. Burkhart soon realized a meaningful connection: that when patients felt better about their appearance, they felt better about themselves.

The result -they felt more confident, took better care of themselves, and became physically healthier. His patients now had the opportunity to experience “healthy skin and healthier you.”

Stellar Medical Aesthetics, Knoxville TN

Dr. William (Bill) Burkhart, MD


Dr. Bill Burkhart, a proud graduate of the University of Tennessee System and certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, is a third-generation family physician with extensive healthcare experience. Having practiced Medicine for nearly forty years, Dr. Burkhart has amassed a prestigious career history which includes holding numerous professional service and medical executive management positions within the State of Tennessee. Dr. Burkhart witnessed first-hand the transformational impact laser treatment can have on a patient with an unwanted skin condition. He embraced the opportunity to help patients treat conditions that traditional medical practices didn’t.